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Nissan Rogue Differential/Gear Oil Replacement at your home or office.

Upfront and transparent pricing. Average rating from customers who received a Oil Cooler Replacement. Learn More. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. Primarily used in air-cooled and motorcycle engines, an oil cooler serves two purposes, lubrication and cooling.

The oil cooler is usually placed near the radiator to maximize cooling airflow. To maintain the lubricative properties of oil, the oil cooler by cooling the oil having it flow through it galleries to the proper temperature range. Oil will accumulate debris over time, to the point where deposits may narrow an oil coolers thin galleries. To keep the engine oil as clean as possible, it is best to change the oil at 3, to 3, miles.

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The oil filter should also be changed to maximize debris removal. Regular oil changes should also ensure that an oil cooler will last the life of your car.

2010 nissan rogue oil leak

Without regular oil changes, the cooler may fail at 50, miles and need to be replaced. Because engine oil is vital for most engine components, a faulty or clogged oil cooler can cause many problems including cooling system failure and engine damage leaks, overheating and scarring as overheated oil loses it's lubricating properties. It is important to keep all parts of the lubrication and cooling systems functional to be able to use your car.

If left untreated, it will lead directly to engine failure. Nissan Rogue Oil Cooler Repair at your home or office. Get an upfront price.

2010 nissan rogue oil leak

Service Area. YourMechanic Benefits Online Booking. Mechanic comes to you. Free 50 point safety inspection. See availability. Keep in mind: Though most people think engine oil is strictly for lubrication, it also plays a key role in cooling.

Oil carries away much of your engine's heat so that it can be dissipated by the standard cooling system. How it's done: The vehicle is raised and secured on jack stands The defective oil cooler is removed The new oil cooler is installed with new clamps The vehicle started and checked for oil leaks then lowered off the jack stands The vehicle is road tested for proper operation. Our recommendation: Oil will accumulate debris over time, to the point where deposits may narrow an oil coolers thin galleries.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Oil Cooler? Engine power loss due to oil contamination Engine misfiring due to oil fouling Engine coolant temperature rise and potential damage due to oil contamination Discharges of black, oil exhaust as unburned oil is released as part of the ignition cycle. How important is this service? Number of Nissan Rogue services completed. Yourmechanic was featured in. Popular Nissan Jobs.

Auto service in Your City. Meet some of our expert Nissan mechanics Real customer reviews from Nissan owners like you. Excellent Rating. Average Rating 4. Number of Reviews Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting how the vehicles will hold up in the year ahead. These charts provide the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers.

Based on information received from our latest subscriber survey, our reliability history charts give you a rundown on how used vehicles are holding up in 17 potential trouble spots, ranging from the engine, transmission, and brakes to power equipment and the electrical system. Learn more about car Reliability. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey of Nissan Frontier owners. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle.

Antilock system ABSparking brake, master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pulsation or vibration, squeaking, brake failure or wear. Variable code readings from multiple same part replacements. Parts replacing game instead of a diagnosis.

Others tell me of the same expensive evasive fix". Rotors corroded". Excessive wear with very little mileage on the truck". I'm not a heavy braker". This vehicle has not been driven very far or very hard.

I'm inclined to wonder about the quality of materials that go into the brake apparatus. Winters here are very hard on automobile r". Very irritating". Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. Finally the heat shield was removed! Paint fading, chalking, cracking, or peelingloose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust. Paint blasted off on the forward lower leading edge of the rear qurter panels in front of rear tires. Frame rust at all welded joints".

Paint was bubbling on face". Now replacement bumper is rusting. When I pass other Frontiers on the highway they frequently have rusty bumpers. Seems to be a consistent issue". I found one Didn't squeak when new because there was a sticker on the part, but when the sticker wore thru it started to squeak and I had to put a small dab of grease on it The other squeak I've not found, frustratingly, but I think it might be the other end of the seat belt attac".

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Actually 4 indicator lights on the dash. Dealers can't fix it". Differential had to be replaced". Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission.

I have never had an automobile shift so erratically". Covered under warranty". First repair since the truck was driven off the dealer lot 4. First it was misdiagnosed with a leaking hose and the freon again leaked out.

The second time it was diagnosed as a leaking evaporator and that solved the problem". Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks.Some things are often misunderstood about recalls and technical service bulletins TSBs. Plus a disclaimer.

There can be errors in the text. If you sign up for notifications in My Garage, we will try to get these to do, but for various reasons some beyond our control cannot guarantee you will receive them. When in doubt about a recall or TSB, contact the dealer. Technical Service Bulletins.

NHTSA's feed only includes summaries. Click here now!

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Looking for a warranty? Get a quote. See all recalls for the Nissan Rogue. See reliability data for the Nissan Rogue. Recalls do not have to be issued only because something is prone to failure. NHTSA a government agency can only require a recall if a failure will affect safety, emissions, fuel economy, or compliance with some other regulation or law. Manufacturers can voluntarily recall cars for problems that do not affect these, though. Recalls often apply to only some cars of a specific model year, rather than all of them.

You should receive a letter from the manufacturer if your car has been recalled. You can also check with the dealer, which will know which if any recalls pertain to your car.

The primary purpose of TSBs is to inform dealers about known problems with a car and how to fix them. They are not the same as recalls. As with recalls, TSBs often only apply to some cars, not the entire model year.

Dealers often will not provide a preventive repair just because a problem described in a TSB might happen to your car.Nissan Rogue owners have reported 7 problems related to transmission fluid leaking under the power train category.

The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Nissan Rogue based on all problems reported for the Rogue. We took the vehicle into vavoline and they told us that the car's transmission pan is almost rusted out and we have a 4 major leaks under our vehicle so bad that the block under the vehicle and the front axel is wet from the fluid leaks. We bought the car two days ago and brought it back to return it today because we were not told about any of these issues and they told us we were not going to get our money back.

Even though it would not pass a state emissions test with all those leaks and she not have been sold to us. See all problems of the Nissan Rogue. On the highway traveling 70 miles when I felt the the car wasn't pulling and the rpm went to 6 then back to 2.

The vehicle slowed down. No visible leaks noticed on this vehicle. Purchased new in Rogue was taken to fenton Nissan in knoxville, TN and Nissan agreed to replace the transmission but would not pay for the transmission cooler. Rogue was towed to fenton Nissan and upon investigation found that an unauthorized part was used in the transmission cooler by carriage Nissan and all the transmission fluid had leaked out.

A new transmission cooler was installed free of charge. I feel that unauthorized part caused undue stress not only on the transmission cooler, transmission, and engine but also the electrical harness as a result of all the power surges.

There have been overrecalls for Nissan for electrical harness failure from and also some Nissan Rogues. My Rogue VIN number doesn't show up on the recall list but it safe to assume that since this has been a problem from and some of then why couldn't effect my vehicle. I have a Nissan rouge I also have problems with tans going up hill its like it quits pulling and now the check engine lit is on and it want change like it should took it the dealer had it in the shop before twice and they said it fixed it was leaking fluid from the trans.

And now this happens guest some one have to get heart or killed before some one makes Nissan fixes the problems with the vehicles when they stop working they our a problem with it I see all of the complaints and still no one has done anything why.

I was driving west from st. Louis, mo to boulder, CO and about half way into my drive my Nissan Rogue s awd had a sudden loss of power. It would not accelerate but the rpm of the engine climbed when I pressed the pedal.

Oil leak? How to Replace a Oil Cooler on a 2007-2012 Nissan Altima, Sentra, or Rogue due to leak.

I came to a stop and I could hear the transmission making an whining noise. I checked under the vehicle and did not see any fluid leaks or any damage. When I got back on the road the car worked normally for a while but then began to have the same problems.

This occurred for the rest of the trip, sometimes working normally, and sometimes not. The contact owns a Nissan Rogue. The contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the vehicle decelerated numerous times and the failsafe mode light illuminated. Also, the transmission overheated once causing the transmission fluid to leak. The dealer test drove the vehicle but was unable to duplicate the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure.

The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 61, I was driving from baltimore to philadelphia in June of this year. After about 1 hour of highway driving my Nissan Rogue started to stall as I reduced speed to get on the ramp of another highway. I wanted to pick up speed in order to merge onto the next highway, but my car would not respond. I had pushed the accelerating pedal to the metal and it still was not responding or rather going at 40mph.

I exited the highway and stopped the engine, to give it a rest, but as I proceeded the car still stalled.Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently Nissan Rogue problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. All years. Nissan Rogue repairs by problem area. Nissan Rogue engine repair cost distribution.

See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Chart based on repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance. Mechanic took a ride and it was a loose deflector on the underbody that they fixed.

EPA: 33 highway, 26 city, 28 overall. Dealer states nothing is wrong. Easy fix Browns Mission is a poor dealership. Avoid this dealership. This was noticed by the buyer, I subsequently cleaned the throttle body and restored a smooth and satisfactory idle for the buyer, sale completed. I've noticed no change. Was making a grinding noise. Replaced Tensioner Pulley. Pulley had play in bearing. First time that happen, I always wash the engine on every oil change. Got a code P, reset the light, after letting engine dry completely misfire was gone, however a hesitation occurred every time car accelerated mid throttle.

Even though probably only 3 cylinder ignition coil was defective, I opted to change all 4 ignition coils. Hesitation gone, Problem solved. Noted a leak in the radiator cap neck.

2010 Nissan Rogue - Consumer Review

When pressure built, coolant started leaking in the plastic weld line. Replaced radiator with a new one. Replaced with OE Parts Hitachi. I turned power off, pressed parking brake, released parking brake, started engine, all the warning lights turned off except for "service engine soon".

This happened four more times in next 24 h. They tried to fix it by adjusting the idle, however that didn't fix it. Determined it to be felt only when AC Unit was kicking in. No real engine misfire was found.Luckily, our team here at Matt Castrucci Nissan is here to help. Keep reading to learn more! Read more tips and tricks. Additionally, determining where the leak is coming from will help you identify the cause as well. We recommend placing a newspaper on the ground beneath your car to determine if the leak is coming from the front or rear of the vehicle.

One of the most common fluid leaks is caused by oil. Oil leaks will be located directly under the engine and will most likely feel somewhat sticky. Brake fluid will either be dark brown or clear in color and will have a slippery consistency. There are three common places you may find a power steering leak: in the steering gear or rack, directly under your power steering pump, or under the hoses and tubing that carry the power steering fluid.

Transmission fluid will most commonly be found leaking near the middle of the vehicle and will typically be red or burnt orange in appearance. Additionally, the liquid will be slick and smell similar to petroleum.

Transmission fluid leaks can also be identified without seeing the actual leak; if the transmission is slow to start, transmission fluid levels may be low, indicating a potential leak. Coolant leaks will usually be yellow, green, or sometimes pink in appearance and will feel slimy to the touch. Leaking coolant will commonly be found near the middle of the car and may carry a somewhat sweet smell. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. Power steering There are three common places you may find a power steering leak: in the steering gear or rack, directly under your power steering pump, or under the hoses and tubing that carry the power steering fluid. Transmission fluid Transmission fluid will most commonly be found leaking near the middle of the vehicle and will typically be red or burnt orange in appearance.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest. More from Matt Castrucci Nissan. Why is my Nissan shaking? What Nissan vehicles have all-wheel drive? What is the difference between leasing and financing?

2010 nissan rogue oil leak

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Your Comment. Search for:. Tips for Increasing the Lifespan of Your Tires.Automatic transmissions in certain Nissan SUVs and Trucks are under attack from their radiators. Leaking coolant is mixing with transmission fluid through the cooler lines to create a toxic hell stew that irreversibly damages everything around it.

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Ruptured radiator cooler tanks are forcing coolant into the five-speed automatic transmission through the cooler lines. Not only does the radiator stop cooling the transmission, but the resulting slurry of coolant and transmission fluid eats valves, erodes seals and speeds up corrosion. Reports of this problem happen as early as 60, miles, but the sweet spot appears to be aroundmiles.

There was confusion about whether the radiator warranty extension covered resulting damage to the transmission.

The warranty extension also meant Nissan could avoid a recall. Two years after the warranty extension, Nissan settled a class-action lawsuit regarding the coolant leak epidemic. As part of the settlement, Nissan extended their warranty again. And, just like last time, they managed to not cover the vast majority of complaints. Until coolant leaked into the transmission. I looked up online and saw all of the complaints on carcomplaints… Saw there was a class action suit which I do not qualify for since the time has passed.

Cannot believe Nissan would treat loyal customers this way. Even with the warranty it only covers dollars…and the other thousand is on you. My family and I have bought 5 Nissans from the same dealer. Never again will we purchase a Nissan!!! The key to the petition was proving a safety defect existed, something Nissan has continually denied. NHTSA found that the radiators are defective without a doubt. The other three non-leaking transmission fluid cylinders were inspected under the microscope and five of the six transmission fluid port areas were cracked.

That means the only hope for a recall is up to Nissan. Cue the sad trombone. Some articles online claim that being aware of the proper warning signs may help prevent your Nissan from needing a rebuilt transmission. These warning signs are:. You can read their stories over at CarComplaints. Free Vehicle Alerts.

Scott McCracken is a writer and analyst for CarComplaints. He is in charge of the site's alert systemwhich notifies subscribers about recalls, investigations, lawsuits, and other news about their specific vehicle for free.

Follow carcomplaints. We tried to nurse back into town but got stuck in the middle of the road with a semi truck barreling down us. Had to get out and push car to the side of the road to avoid getting struck. NHTSA says the is no safety risk with the this type of problem for this model of car. They are dead wrong my family was almost killed because the radiator leaked coolant into the transmission causing it to fail. There was also a fix that could be applied that would keep the problem from happening.

I was neither told about the potential for the problem, or the fix available. When the transmission started to slip I had it flushed which at that point did nothing for it. I had to have the radiator and the transmission replaced.

Nissan wanted me to go to the dealership, pay additional money for them to diagnose the problem the transmission shop and everyone else in the world apparently knows this is an issue with this vehicle. This is a dirty little company secret. I have owned two of these trucks and will never own another Nissan product or recommend one.

If you own a Nissan with the automatic transmission watch out it is only a matter of time before every one of these transmissions fail.

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