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Az interneten nem kaptam semmit errol a hibakodrol, talan valaki kozuletek tudja es megosztja velem is. Similar manuals:. If you want to join us and get repairing help please sign in or sign up by completing a simple electrical test or write your question to the Message board without registration. You can write in English language into the forum not only in Hungarian!This is the manuals page for Dentron. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff.

If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. Note that there is a limit to the number of files you can download. And when you click on the file or icon it will count as a download. If you can't find a manual please do not contact us, all the manuals we have are online. This is all the manuals for Dentron.

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If you want to see manuals from other manufactories you can click on the manufactory menu in the left side. You can also click here to see all the manufactories that mods. Search help. Main Menu. Manuals for Dentron. AT-1K Operating manual.

Clippertom L Manual. Clipperton V Instruction manual. CM-1 Operating manual. DTRL Manual and schematic. DTRL User manual.

dentron clipperton l tuned input

GLAB Operation manual. GLA Manual and schematic. GLA Operating manual.Operates on either or VAC power supply is built in. As of this writing units are around 30 years old not quite as old as most of the Heaths and 30L-1's floating around. Cons: No longer in production Not exactly stellar construction.

Stock unit suffers from 60 Hz. Output is actually modulated by the AC filament power no transformer center tap. Dentron pushed the cost cutting envelope too far in this design - BUT - an easy fix. NOT tuned input - designed to be driven with tube output exciters. My unit has a broad band matching input board - modern rigs will drive with a tuner. Very late versions of this amplifier had tuned input circuits for each band rare - not many were produced.

Not designed for continuous modes OR continuous duty. Fan is noisy and constantly changing speed due to series feed through a resistor. Be prepared to spend some extra money and time after purchasing one of these amplifiers for filter caps, fan, mods. Also, many of these amplifiers have been abused and now have soft finals.QRZ Forums.

I have looked all over the net, and have found only one version of the clipperton L schematic, and it is the same one at every site. I need a copy of the schematic that includes the auto switched input board that was found but on a few of them. I understand that this is a rare option so it may be a needle in a hay stack here, but who knows, I may get lucky.

N5ADSep 8, The data is all in there manual.

dentron clipperton l tuned input

W1QJSep 8, An additional wafer on the manual band switch can accomplish this task. Last edited: Sep 8, W9GBSep 8, This particular board also has a 12v relay for each coil.

I have read the manuals that the link was provided for and this is not for those. I have spent all day at the hamfest here and fortunately found a fellow who seemed to be pretty knowledgable about them. I cannot verify this of course, but he was pretty adamant about.

Dentron Clipperton L 1300 Watts Tuned Input

Anyway, the extra wire appears, upon further inspection, to be for the 12v source for the relays. There was a difference between the actual amp and the schematic anyway, it was about the lighting. It is already being powered from the dc rather than ac side of things. I recently saw an inside photo of a Clipperton L which had a factory installed tuned input board. It appeared to me it was the "exact" board used in the amp supply amps, like LK's for their inputs. The only difference would be the value of the coils and caps I suppose.

If you are looking for a board that came from an amp supply LK which I claim is exact I have one. You maybe be able to rewire the toroids and add padders or whatever to the variables to tune the Clipperton. W1QJSep 9, There are 3 distinct Clipperton L's as well as some other variations.To : ne2i optonline.

I do not know anything about it, but perhaps you need to make adjustments on the CM-2 to match the individual amps to a rig. I do not think so though, anybody know? Anyhow, I like to always look for the "easy way out" of problems, so once when I had to use my Swan Mark I amp with a solid state radio, I could only muster about watts out form the amp that should do a KW output.

I know that the solid state radio was folding back due to the high input SWR. I know an input circuit of sorts was needed.

Being lazy, I grabbed hold of my little MFJ antenna tuner and inserted it in between the rig and the amp, after finding the right "tap" on the inductor and tweaking the little air variable cap a bit, there was my KW on all bands from the solid state radio to the Swan amp.

I noticed that on almost every band the tap was the same, and only required a tweak on the air cap to get a perfect match every time and full power out from the amp. I simpley tuned for max smoke on the output meter and the exciter was happy as a Lark! The tuner in the radio should provide the same matching, but the way the input impedance varies on a "tube" as an input causes the antenna tuner to endlessly "seek", it finally stops, but the match is still not right.

On the manual tuned, you will easily see a match using MAX smoke as an indicator. Re: [Amps] Z TubesGudguyham.Hello to the Amps Group. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up this Clipperton L at a local hamfest. I really wasn't in the market for an amp, but the price was too good and the Clipperton L always beckoned me due to it's compact size for a 2KW PEP amp.

Seems like quite a little powerhouse in a small package. The case was a little scuffed up, but paintable, and the front panel and meter is pristine.

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Well, I wasn't disappointed. The inside was fairly clean, just a thick layer of dust on the bottles.

Bdo remastered best settings

It has the relay-switched tuned input and the 10m mod. I was a little worried that the original Dentron-branded tubes might be weak, but it does watts out on SSB!!

dentron clipperton l tuned input

Anyway, to my questions. Adjusting the pot on the back of the amp causes the ALC indication on the FTE to go from nearly nothing to lots and lots of action, with the same drive and output.

I can put a two tone input to the transmitter and adjust the ALC until the power starts to drop off, but my YO scope shows it flat-topping. How do I know when the ALC pot on the amp is in the correct setting for my transmitter?

Here is a seat-of-the-pants approach that I took: I drove the transmitter with a two-tone signal from the YO, increasing the drive until just before it started to flat-top. This was somewhere between and watts out. I did this on 40 meters into a dummy load.

Does this seem good to you? It still doesn't seem like it has any real "control" of the transmitter. I can still drive the transmitter harder, and the output goes up, but the meter goes out of the green "good" area as the two tone display on the scope starts to flatten. I thought that proper ALC should throttle the transmitter power back so that it would not overdrive the amp.

I can't tell that the ALC is actualy regulating the power out of the transmitter, or just giving the operator an indication of where it is operating. Another question is just how hard can this amp work? On the CW voltage position, I get V no load. Tuned with 60 watts in, the Voltage drops to about V, and the Ip is mA, for I get right at watts out into a dummy load.

How much can the power supply provide without burning up?

The Heathkit Shop

I saw a post, related to the Clipperton-L, where someone was claiming the Bs can run mA each for a total of 1.QRZ Forums. I bought a Clipperton-L a few years ago that had flat tubes i was told. I am trying to drive it with a TS S with no luck.

Only get watts out. I have replaced the tubes with no change. The SWR between the radio and amp is 5 to 1. I have a CMU-2 in line with no change. I noticed that the FL-1 board with the 2 rg coax is not hooked up.

Dentron Clipperton L Base Linear Amplifier 572bx4

This is for the 10 meter mod i think. The amp has never worked since i have bought it. Does anyone have a picture of the relay so i can see if everything is where it's supposed to be? Any help would be nice. KF7IOFeb 15, What is a CMU-2?

Sentinel 1 indices

Something to use for a tuned input perhaps? The Clipperton L does not have tuned input so things are not so swell without a tube transceiver or something for a tuned input for the amp.

dentron clipperton l tuned input

Here is the 10 meter mod sheet as from Dentron. Last edited: Feb 15, K7MHFeb 15, I posted the wrong info it's a CM-U outboard tuned input. Today i put in the old tubes and got more output than the new ones.

Going to call RF Parts and start asking questions. I think it's time for a complete rebuild, All new caps in the whole amp. Thanks for your help.

KF7IOMar 8, KM5FLMar 8, Last edited: Mar 8, W9GBMar 8, Pretty sure it was Amp Supply that used to have a kit for tuned input for the Clipperton L. I put one in the one I had and you did have to add a wafer to the band switch and I think the shaft had to be changed to a longer one.

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