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On this page we present our preliminary twin births astrological research results. Lately, many celebrity mothers conceived twins and in case we have their accurate birth information, their charts were used in our research. The research results are not conclusive yet because of the lack of more data. However, the preliminary patterns we found are too remarkable to not mention them. We got some significant results when we compared the results with a control group of 25 random charts. Some other important observations that we want to mention, though they may be less significant:.

Let's give an example to make our preliminary findings more clear. Marcia Cross When looking at her natal chart and comparing her chart with the preliminary research results, we notice the following:. Uranus is below the horizon and more specific in the 1st Quadrant. Neptune is below the horizon too and more specific in the 2nd Quadrant and even intercepted in the 5th house.

The relationship between Neptune and the 5th house is perhaps the single most important condition that points to twin births. Neptune and the Moon are in the same sign Scorpio. The co-ruler of the 5th house Pluto is sextile Neptune the orb is perhaps too wide.

Chiron is in the 9th house a cadent house. Clearly, Marcia Cross has lots of conditions in her natal chart that point to a propensity to twin births. On February 20, she gave birth in Los Angeles to fraternal twins, both girls, named Savannah and Eden. Mia Farrow When looking at her natal chart and comparing her chart with the preliminary research results, we notice the following:.

Mia Farrow too has all the major indications in her natal chart pointing to twin births. She had twin sons on February 26, Rebecca Romijn When looking at her natal chart and comparing her chart with the preliminary research results, we notice the following:. Rebecca Romijn has perhaps not many of the conditions but she has the very important link between Neptune and the 5th house.

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I am at least 16 years of age.Twins and Astrology. Question : "I've noticed that some twins seem to be very much alike while others are not. Twins usually have almost exactly the same birth chart, don't they? So if astrology is for real, then why aren't all twins more alike?

Answer : In asking your question, you're in excellent historical company. One of the earliest recorded accounts of this particular "twin question" being asked is that of St. The Short Answer The short answer to this long asked question is that many twins "live out" and identify with differing Zodiacal energies contained within their birth charts. In my experience, knowing and working with twins, many twins appear to "split up" the energy potentials contained within their birth charts. Confirming this As with everything in astrology, the way a particular Zodiacal energy might or might not manifest itself And, further, each twin may end up "living out" the other twin's "shadow.

I'm not a twin, and so I won't claim to know what goes on in the head and heart of twins. Because "identical" and "mirror image" twins look so much alike, casual onlookers often naively assume "identical" and "mirror image" twins share the same basic personality characteristics, traits, and needs. For most of us, it's only after getting past the surface of physical appearance that we discover "identical" and "mirror image" twins that are raised together often express themselves and their birth charts in very different ways - splitting up the energies contained in their charts.

Gemini, The Twins The Greek mythology behind the Zodiac sign of "The Twins," Gemini, helps in demonstrating this arche typical scenario of twin-ship and the "splitting up of energies.

twins in astrology

As the story goes there were once two brothers, Pollux — Castor. One twin was immortal — and the other twin was mortal. Pollux and Castor were the twin sons of a mortal woman Leda — however they had different fathers.

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Pollux was a son of the chief Olympian god Zeus, and thus Pollux was immortal and would live forever. Castor was the son of a mortal man, and he could die. The two brothers, Pollux and Castor, took part in many adventures i. Their love for one another was legendary, and they never separated from one another. At the point of Castor's impending death in battle, Pollux asked his father, Zeus, for the permission to die along side of Castor.Aries Mar Apr Taurus Apr May Gemini May June Cancer Jun Jul Leo Jul Aug Virgo Aug Sep Libra Sep Oct Scorpio Oct Nov Sagittarius Nov Dec Capricorn Dec Jan Aquarius Jan Feb Pisces Feb Mar This Tuesday, April 14, the waning quarter moon in Capricorn answers with a resounding April is a 4 Month.

Your April Numerology Forecast supports stepping out of overwhelm Peace, love and serenity are the order of the day on April 7 as the Spring fever arrives with the luminous Libra full moon.

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Is there a cosmic connection between Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions meetups and viral outbreaks? History reveals a Catharsis: needed! As the coronavirus pandemic halts everyday life, frustration and fear are spiking…and the Daily Horoscopes: April Daily Horoscopes: April 10, Daily Horoscopes: April 9, Daily Horoscopes: April 8, Daily Horoscopes: April 7, Daily Horoscopes: April 6, Daily Horoscopes: April 3, Why are twins sometimes so different?

It's a common question in Astrology. We would expect two people born at almost the same time, with similar genetics and raised in the same environment to be very similar. Well, most of the time they are.

twins in astrology

But it's the exceptions that are used to challenge Astrology. Individuals born on the same day and year will have many astrological factors in common. Still, there are fast-moving patterns that can make a difference in just a matter of minutes. The most common is the Ascendant, also known as the Rising sign. This is the point rising in the east at the moment of birth, one that plays a significant role in shaping the way a person looks and presents herself to the world.

This rapidly moving point, which is the cusp or border of the 1st houseis based on the Earth's rotation on its axis, so that each of the 12 zodiac signs will rise during some two-hour period of the day.

Twins born several minutes apart may have different Rising Signs. There are many known cases of twins separated at birth who have parallel experiences in life, including the same dates for events like marriage and the births of their children.

How to Read a Birth Chart.. in Minutes!

Twins raised together like the Epstein sisters, born on July 4,can grow up as distinctly separate individuals who wind up in the same public role: In this case, as the famous advice columnists Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren. Then there are Robin and Maurice Gibb, who look very different but shared a professional life together in the Bee Gees. There are also individuals born on the same day and year who are very different from each other; Margaret Thatcher and Lenny Bruce, Sylvester Stallone and George W.

Bush, are famous examples. They were not born at the same time or place, so could be significantly different astrologically. There is yet another factor that explains why twins with essentially the same Astrology birth charts can appear to be so different.

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The chart is an expression of raw materials, traits or qualities that can be expressed in a variety of ways. One person with assertive Mars in passionate Scorpio can use this intensity as a healer while another might apply it with avarice or cruelty.

The chart doesn't say who one must be; it describes the energies with which one has to work. Twins have a need to differentiate themselves, to become true individuals. The desire to be distinct is common to all of us, but may be an especially compelling drive for a twin. There is a natural instinct to differentiate oneself that unconsciously motivates one twin to choose a certain type of expression of a planet in the chart, while his or her sibling chooses another.

They are working with the same ingredients but mixing them in unique ways.Episode of the podcast features a discussion between Chris Brennan and Adam Elenbaas about the problem of twins in natal astrology, and how astrologers deal with the birth charts or horoscopes of two people who were born at the same time.

This comes up most commonly in the horoscopes of twins who are born to the same parents within a few minutes of each other, although the question is also applicable to time twins, who are people that were born around the same time to different parents.

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During the course of this episode we discuss this issue and try to explore some possible solutions, both from a technical and a philosophical perspective.

Below you will find the show notes, followed by links to download or stream the recording of this episode of the podcast.

Here are the show notes, which provides an outline of most of the major points we touched on during the course of the episode:. Here is the video version of this episode on the astrology of twins :. You can either play this episode of the podcast directly from the website or download it as an MP3 to your computer by using the buttons below:. Podcast: Play in new window Download Duration: — This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

twins in astrology

Learn how your comment data is processed. The lunar eclipse at the same degree 19 years ago played out quite similarly in my career, but it was a reversal of fortune for my sister but still to do with her home. There are studies of twins and their order of birth.

Sometimes during this phase of waiting, you will have an ultrasound to confirm the position of the second twin and your practitioner will decide how it is best to deliver him or her. You touched on it briefly when you mentioned Dwadashamas 12th parts and Vedic dwad charts. I have found that western dwad charts clearly show the differences in twins, even if they are born under a minute apart.

twins in astrology

I think I was the only one with a day chart. We degenerated to the point of just sending birthday cards every year. Uranian Astrology uses Midpoint trees. Hi Chris, in my opinion this discussion is fundamental for any astrologer to build up a philosophical framework upon which to base their astrology. I watched a programme on TV some years ago describing conjoined twins where they shared much of their torso but had separate head and shoulders; and right from a young age it was apparent that one was very extravert and the other introvert.Vedic Astrology has been considered the best medium in predicting the lives of people.

The life of a person is highly dependent upon the positioning and movement of stars and planets. The accuracy of prediction of the future for a person in Vedic Astrology has been increasing ever since the technological leap happened. Vedic Astrology considers Janam Kundali Prediction as a basis for making any prediction and the Janam Kundali is made according to the time, date, and place of birth.

Twins are born with just a difference of certain seconds or minutes. The other factors being the date, time and place of birth are similar for the twins. They may even look exactly the same if they are identical twins. What causes them to take different paths in life and how do they lead a different life? How can astrology predict the lives of twins? There are various ways in astrology which help in predicting twins in astrology. There are various reasons why twins have a different destiny and what makes them different from each other.

The twins astrology signs are not similar, and it is one of the reasons why they are different from each other. It is believed that two persons cannot take birth at the same minute and exactly at the same place. A mere difference of seconds causes a change in Navamsha for about degrees.

The Problem of Twins in Natal Astrology

This difference of degrees determine variations in fulfillment of desires, relationships, past life, next life, karma, etc. Twins have the same latitude and longitude of the place they are born but there would be a difference of around 7 to 20 minutes. And this is enough to create a difference in their birth charts. Sometimes even two babies are connected by skin membrane and are born at the same time, in such cases the horoscope is made with the help of Palm or thumbprint of the child.

If two people are born at the same time and are born a few feets apart from each other, their astrology chart would be the same but the difference in their destiny will arise because of the Desh, Kal, Parsithithi.

These children are born from the same parents but have different situations in their lives. Some of the characteristics of both these personalities born at the same time would be the same and they might face similar psychological and physical characteristics but as the individuals mature, their life takes a different path and their life reflect differently.

There are various divisional charts for a person which helps to predict the future in a better way.Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart. Current Planets.

Why can twins - who have an almost identical chart - be very different? The simple answer is that twins divide the chart between them. Every horoscope contains several themes, archetypal figures, inner contradictions, etc. A child who is not born a twin will settle this within his or her own personality, choose to live some of these issues and keep others in the background. The different roles within the personality are all there as dispositions at the beginning of the child's life but will be developed at different times.

For twins, this is different. They 'divide' the chart between them early in life. If they live and grow up together, they cannot both enact the same roles which are part of both their personalities but tend to choose different roles. This division can change in the course of a lifetime. There are cases in which identical twins are brought up to be really identical, by parents who find this so cute. It is, in our opinion, psychologically very unhealthy to force children into this game.

In twin research, there are striking cases of separated twins who have developed very similar lives.

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This is no surprise if we think along the lines described above. If the twins grow up separated, the other does not occupy the roles they would like to express themselves. Both can play the same roles, as indicated in their identical horoscopes, because the other is not in their way.

Liz Greene writes in a special paragraph for the Child's Horoscope, the really excellent computerised report available at Astrodienst: The horoscope of a twin boy or girl This child is one of a pair of twins.

But any parent of twins will recognise that each has his or her own distinctive personality.


Twins, sharing many personality characteristics, often try especially hard to define their own psychological territory, and often they do this by a kind of "division" of the birth chart. One twin will appropriate certain features of the horoscope while the other twin will appropriate the rest. Twins tend to polarise. In their need to assert a separate individuality they may both unconsciously avoid sharing qualities which they fear will make them too like the other.

The perceptive parent may observe that in early childhood twins periodically exchange roles, each one trying out personality traits which the other was displaying a little while earlier. The polarising process sets in a little later on. As they grow older and develop separate lives twins usually find it easier to own and express those qualities they "gave away" to the other twin in early life.

And the unique spark of individuality within will always ensure that, even if they look alike, they will remain distinct individuals with a unique journey through life. Of course our computer cannot know whether a chart is the chart of a twin.

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